Eligibility Rules

The NVHChi Rho Laurel Wreath SymbolAA is a member of and follows the Player Eligibility Rules for the Virginia Homeschool Athletic Association and Eastern Christian Conference.  These eligibility rules apply to all NVHAA players and teams. Unless otherwise published by NVHAA, if a student meets the below standards, they are eligible to play for NVHAA, in the playoffs, and in tournaments.


  1. Player must be a bona fide homeschooler or a homeschool/dual-enrolled college student without an equivalent school sports team. If in doubt, a player may be asked to provide a Notice of Intent or Letter from Virginia indicating they are homeschooling.
  2. A player who has received a high school diploma is not eligible.
  3. Player must 12 to 18 years of age as of the start of the specific sports team season. If a Middle School Team is not available, then 12 year olds may be practice players on certain teams after approval from the Head Coach.
  4. Player must be 18 years or younger as of 31 July of the year playing.
  5. Player must have played less than four varsity seasons for the high school sport for which they are participating (that includes private or public schools in the past). Middle school and JV do not count.
  6. For the Football Team: On 24 Feb 2017, the NVHAA Board and Coaches voted to make the football team 100% homeschooled in accordance with the National Homeschool Football Association Tournament standards for eligibility.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO PARENTS: Age more than academic grade should dictate the competitive sports level for an athlete.  Homeschool parents often confuse the two when selecting the competitive team level for their athlete. Generally, an athlete should compete with other athletes who are at the same physical development. There is a rare occasion where an outstanding athlete needs to compete at higher levels. That would be addressed on a case-by-case basis and is not usually the athletic level of most athletes.

Any questions about eligibility can be sent to the NVHAA President at president@nvhaacenturions.org.