Off-Season Training

Games are won in the off season!

The NV5 Mar TrainingHAA Centurions start off season training in January when coaches begin developing player’s strength, agility, and speed through a variety of training activities.

 There are several aspects of off-season training:

Download and print off the General Off Season Workout Plan which is a general weight lifting and cardio workout plan for any player to use during the off-season, especially if they are not already in an individualized workout program.

1. **Weight Training:  POC

The goal is for all prospective players to work out at locations close to them Ethan Lawson Weight lifting Jan 2016 (1)and in “Core Groups” whenever possible to encourage accountability, consistency, and motivation. Coaches will work with players to evaluate and develop an off-season weight program that will best meet the needs and training requirements of each player. In addition to developing individual workout plans, Coaches discuss proper technique, and equipment use. Remember: Homeschoolers can apply weight training & other off-season activities towards a high school PE CLASS CREDIT!

  • WHERE & WHEN: A few options are available, find one that works for you. Locations vary depending upon where players live.: Check with Strength and Conditioning Coach on current location options.
    • Manassas Core Group: Gold’s Gym, 9705 Liberia Ave, Manassas, VA 20110 (703) 369-4950. **
    • Woodbridge/Lake Ridge Core Group: Gold’s Gym, 12550 Dillingham Sq, Woodbridge, VA 22192, (703) 680-7000.**
    • At player’s own home, local YMCA, Community Center, family gym. Day and time of player’s convenience. *
  • COST: Varies depending upon player and location. In an effort to minimize off-season expenses for players and families, the team is constantly looking for alternative low-cost options for weight training and families need to make a decision on what is best for your family. If a player joins one of the Gold’s Gyms, remember to let the GYM know you are w/the NVHAA Centurions Football Team.

Manassas Gold’s Gym:  FOR 2016, possible options below will be explained at the gym. There may be an enrollment fee, but the team is work to get this waived.

  • Option 1: 6 month membership/approx. $150Manassas Core Group
  • Option 2: Pay by the month at $30 per month for as long as you wish
  • Option 3: Yearly contract group rate of $20 per month
  • With a signed document from the gym, your student can try out the gym for at least a week of training for free as long as he is w/an adult.

Woodbridge/Lake Ridge Gold’s Gym:  for 2016: $19.95/month w/enrollment fee waived when you register directly w/the manager Larry Kouch. Membership can be suspeJosh G Working out (2)nded for $7 during periods of inactivity i.e. football season.

Something to Think About:  If you break it down under Option 1 for Manassas Golds Gym:      $150/6 month, equals 8 weight lifting sessions (16 hrs)/month at $25  or 48 classes (96 hrs)/6 months at $1.56/hour! That’s a PRETTY good deal, especially with the added benefit of a Homeschool high school PE class credit!

                                                                                        *Player’s not attending a Core Group: Player’s working out of their home gym, or another location not listed above, are encouraged to email the strength coach or and share their information w/the team, so as to facilitate more Core Groups and encourage accountability, consistency, and motivation. Additionally, please email to coordinate an evaluation and initial training session at YOUR workout location.

  • Uniform: Workout clothes (i.e. shorts, t-shirt, sweats), gym shoes, water bottle

**Participation in the off-season weight training is encouraged for ALL prospective players and does not mean a commitment to play in the fall.  This is a great opportunity to learn about the coaches and other prospective players! 

2. Football Saturday Training: Speed, Agility, Skills & Drills, Fun Football: Dates vary from year to year. Information posted in early winter. Usually includes two hour training on some Saturday’s in spring. 2017 Training is scheduled from 10 am-Noon, Saturday, 11 & 25 Mar, 8 & 22 Apr, 13 May, at the team’s home field, 8730 Sudley Rd, Manassas, VA 20112. There is NO Cost or commitment.

3. Individual Camps Vary depending upon scheduled camps. See Camps page.