National Homeschool Football Tournament

The annual National Homeschool Football Association (NHFA) Tournament (Brochure) held in Panama City, Florida, the week before Thanksgiving, provides an opportunity for player’s and teams of all strengths, to gather together for four days of encouragement, football, and fellowship. Teams are lodged at one of the Laguna Beach Christian Resort (Main Map, Cottage Map) accomodations and are guaranteed two games throughout the tournament against similarly strength teams.

Registration for NVHAA Centurion player’s and families to attend the tournament is open until the end of the first week in November. If interested in attending, please fill out and return the NHFA Registration Form , along with payment of $100/per individual, or maximum of $500/family, to team administration at practice.

In 2016, NVHAA had over seventy athletes, family members, and coaches attend the NHFA Tournament 16-20 November.

Over sixty-two player’s, family members, and coaches from the Centurions attended the 2015 NHFA Tournament. The tournament included sixteen teams from across the nation. During the tournament, the Centurions played two teams from Texas. The pictures are from the team’s trip on 16-20 November 2016 the tournament.

1         10         11         12           13         14                15               16              17             18              19              1a             2         20                 21              21               22                22               23               24             26            27           28                  29              3         30      31          4         5         6         7         8         9

Remaining pictures are from the November 2014 Tournament. Please feel free to check out the NHFA Tournament website for more details.