NCAA Homeschool Eligibilty Checklist

  • Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center
  • Fee payment.
  • Standardized test score (ACT and/or SAT) must be submitted directly from the testing agency using code 9999 to select the NCAA Eligibility Center as a score recipient. Note that test scores received on a transcript cannot be used by the NCAA Eligibility Center. Also, a Student Score Report or scores taken directly from a Student Score Report cannot be accepted by the NCAA Eligibility Center for initial-eligibility purposes.
  •  Home School transcript that includes:
    1. Course titles.
    2. Course grades.
    3. Units of credit for each course.
    4. Grading scale (if numeric grades are awarded). See grading scale example at right.
    5. Signature of home school administrator (the parent or other person who organized, taught and evaluated course work).
    6. Ninth grade start date (month/day/year).
    7. Transcript must show year in which courses were taken (e.g., 9th grade or
      Freshman Year 2009-10).
    8.  Graduation date (month/day/year).
  • Evidence that home schooling was conducted in accordance with state laws (a signed written statement from the home school administrator verifying compliance with state home school legislation). Please attach any supporting documentation.
  • A signed statement of who managed the home school program (e.g., who taught and evaluated the coursework, awarded grades and issued credit).
  • Submit the Core-Course Worksheet for the core courses used throughout home
    schooling for English, math, science, social studies, foreign language, comparative
    religion or philosophy courses. No Core-Course Worksheet is required for
    college courses. However, the college must send an official copy of the transcript
    directly to the NCAA Eligibility Center.
  • Transcript from any other high school, college or nontraditional program attended (official copy mailed directly from issuing institution).
  • Proof of high school graduation, including specific graduation date (month/day/year of graduation) (i.e., standard diploma, GED or graduation date on transcript).

For more detailed information and examples, please see the Home School Resource page by going to the Resources page and Homeschooled students tab at the NCAA Eligibility Center  .

Additional information on NCAA eligibility can be found at the Homeschool Success website.

HSLDA is aware of the difficulty homeschoolers are facing in regards to NCAA eligibility and working hard on the behalf of homeschool graduates.